Space Management

Space management aims to make effective and efficient use of the University's buildings resource.

Within the University of Edinburgh each College/ School / Business unit records its space usage on an annual basis. Nominated contacts submit their space return online by 31st July each year. Submissions from units are loaded onto EBIS by Space Managers within the Estates Department.

The results of the annual updates allow us to track and manage the space appropriately for - budget allocations for colleges and support groups, finance for the full economic costing reports, utilities and maintenance costs, rentable space i.e. estates and buildings let property, embedded National Health Service space within University of Edinburgh properties. The records also provide a robust baseline, for the strategic planning of the estate.

The space data is also collated to create a set of metrics which is submitted to the Higher Education Statistics Agency for sector benchmarking and comparisons. 

Building contacts

Building contacts within each individual building deal with issues such as faults, space audit and room bookings.

College / Support group representatives

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Contact Us 

Name  Telephone Email
Helen Wood, Head of University Space  0131 650 8147
Richard Mann, Senior Space Manager and Planner 0131 650 2571

Online space audit system

Web central, for changes in the use and occupier of space, is the online space management system used in the University of Edinburgh.

Space audit process

These guidance notes cover several aspects of the space audit process.

Building drawing requests

We hold a drawing for each and every building within The University of Edinburgh estate. These drawings cover each floor and outline every room within a specific building.

Space Guidelines and building rates

Current building rates and Space Enhancement and Management Policy.

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