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Breaking Boundaries: Recap of Successful Women in Healthcare Data Science Event

Celebrating the success of the recent Women in Healthcare Data Science event with engaging discussions and an insightful panel.

As part of our New Frontiers in Health and Social Care series, we’re thrilled to celebrate the success of the recent Women in Healthcare Data Science event. The audience united both in-person and online to engage with an inspiring panel. The event fostered collaboration and shared insights into the dynamic field of health data science for women.

Women in Healthcare Data Science auditorium

Panel members, including Professor Julie Jacko, Dr Charlotte Lee-Sinclair, and Dr Riinu Pius, along with facilitators Dr Clare MacRae and Dr Rose Penfold, explored personal and professional journeys, diverse pathways, and how they overcome obstacles in translating healthcare data into impactful change. Their exchange of experiences provided valuable insights into creating opportunities and promoting inclusion. We were sorry that Kirsty Ward could not attend due to ill health, and look forward to including Kirsty in future events.

Women in Healthcare Data Science networking session

The panel was inundated with excellent questions from both in-person and online attendees. The lively networking reception for our in-person attendees afterward showcased the vibrant atmosphere and collaborative spirit.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this impactful event, embodying the spirit of innovation and collaboration in healthcare data science. We look forward to the conversation continuing.

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Watch the recording [Please be aware the sound quality, particularly at the start of the event, is not as clear as we would like. Please bear with it, as the quality does improve.]

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