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Festive Calendar: 2023 Highlights

This year's Festive Calendar offers highlighted snapshots from 2023.

Join us in a celebratory journey through key moments and achievements, capturing the essence of the year's successes. While the calendar provides just a glimpse into noteworthy events, we encourage you to explore our website for more.

Posting on work days only, follow along starting from Monday 4 December to Tuesday 19 December.

Happy Holidays

Wishing festive joy to all from everyone at the Usher Institute!

Recognition Awards

Annual Recognition Award winners announced!


gold circle with image of members of the Usher community at a stall and number 10
Revel in our community's vibrancy, shared interests and team spirit.


gold circle with image of a gold cup award and number 9
Remarkable honours and awards garnered throughout 2023.


gold circle with image of hands at a laptop inside and number 8
Leading the way in research, with newly funded initiatives.


gold circle with Usher newsletter picture inside and the number 7
Sign up to our monthly newsletter.


gold circle with image of medical students being taught inside and number 6
Exciting developments in teaching and the programmes we offer.


gold circle with graduating students inside and the number 5
Students are vital in shaping future health care and research.


Dedicated teams and committed staff drive our success.

Annual Lecture

gold circle with Susan Hopkins and student inside and the number 3
Revisit this year's Usher Annual Lecture.

New Frontiers in Health and Social Care

gold circle with image of new frontiers event inside and number 2
Introduction of New Frontiers in Health and Social Care events.

Usher Building

Usher Building nears completion, pivotal for our early 2024 move.