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Usher Building Café needs a name

The Usher Building at Edinburgh BioQuarter will have a new café - but what will we call it?

PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity has now closed. Submissions received after the deadline of 10am Monday 09 October will not be considered.

The winning name was announced on 24 October

Usher Building Cafe name announced


We need your help!


The Usher Building at Edinburgh BioQuarter is due to open in 2024 and will be home to a fabulous new café, run by The University of Edinburgh's Accommodation Catering and Events (ACE) team.


Interior designers are currently developing the layout and furniture design – working to bring us a café space that is designed to maximise wellbeing; with free-flowing circulation, a range of seating options. It will be beautiful and comfortable, offering hot and cold food and drink options. However, what it doesn't yet have, is a name!


This is where you come in. Can you think of a name that reflects the Usher in some way (e.g. connects to public health, health data science, global health or biomedicine), offers a welcoming feel and conveys our sense of community and connection, while being short, snappy, and memorable?


The whole of the ground floor of the building will be open to the public, and we hope the local community will feel welcome to stop in, have a coffee or some lunch, and find out a bit more about the Usher and our colleagues across the Edinburgh BioQuarter.


The competition will run until 10am Monday 09 October, after which time a small group (including members of the Usher Institute and ACE) will decide on the winning name.


A £20 voucher to spend in any ACE cafe will be awarded to the winner.


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