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HDR UK announces five strategic research driver programmes

Five UK-wide programmes at the centre of HDR UK’s new strategy will harness the power of large-scale data to tackle some of the largest health challenges and build a strong foundation for future research.

HDR UK has announced its new strategy aimed at addressing substantial health challenges through harnessing extensive data. This transformative venture sets the stage for a robust foundation in future research. With a renewed funding of £72.3 million spanning the next five years, HDR UK's strategy prioritises empowering researchers, fostering partnerships, and accelerating ethical data utilisation. Central to this framework are five strategic research driver programmes, aimed at bolstering health data infrastructure for the broader research community's benefit, driving progress in public health, disease prevention, and patient care.

Among these is the Inflammation and Immunity programme, co-led by Professor Sir Aziz Sheikh from the Usher Institute and Professor Jenny Quint from Imperial College London. This programme aims to enrich our comprehension of inflammation and immunity's fundamental mechanisms, with a prime focus on prevalent respiratory and allergic diseases. By delving into how these mechanisms contribute to diseases exacerbated by acute inflammatory episodes from diverse factors, the programme strives to ultimately enhance patient care and tackle the worldwide challenge presented by inflammation-mediated conditions.

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