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New digital intervention seeks to support concussion recovery

HeadOn is a digital health program designed to support recovery after a concussion.

Concussion is a common condition that can lead to a constellation of symptoms that affect quality of life, social integration, and return to work. Despite the existence of evidence-based strategies that can improve a patient's experience after concussion, often people remain unaware of these and receive limited support during their recovery.

New digital intervention - feasibility study published

A team from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Medical School and Usher Institute are seeking to address this - developing a new digital intervention to support people recovering from a concussion. They have recently published the results of their feasibility study. The clinical study took place at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Patients presenting to the emergency department with a concussion were invited to participate. A total of 50 participants were recruited and used HeadOn during their recovery. 

Read the full paper on the JMIR Formative Research


The digital intervention they have developed is called 'HeadOn'.

HeadOn is free to access, and provides individuals recovering from a concussion with a structured self-management program that focuses on promoting their health and well-being during their recovery.

Visit the HeadOn Health website to find out more