Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Intercalated BMedSci students receive the prestigious John Snow Award.

Sinead Mackay has just begun the Intercalated BMedSci programme 2017, along with 9 other medical students and is looking forward to gaining valuable clinical experience and research skills.

Sinead Mackay poses for the camera


 In June 2017 Sinead (along with fellow student Cameron Keogh) was awarded the highly regarded John Snow Award. These awards are funded by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI)/Anaesthesia and the British Journal of Anaesthesia/Royal College of Anaesthetists, and were designed to capture medical student interest in anesthetics and its related disciplines.

Sinead’s interest in obstetrics and anesthesia led her to make contact with Dr Oliver Daly and take the opportunity to work with him as part of her 2nd Semester research project to investigate chronic pain after caesarian section.


Sinead and Dr Daly will look at the incidence of chronic pain after caesarian section and the possible factors that pre dispose a mother to chronic pain after surgery.

I am really looking forward to starting my research project with Dr Daly and feel very grateful that he has offered great support and really helped me secure the John Snow award, which I am very proud of.

Sinead Mackay

We will follow Sinead’s learning as she progresses through the programme and wish her the very best with her studies.