Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

BMedSci Students welcome opportunity to gain clinical experience.

Medical students welcome the opportunity to gain clinical experience as part of new Intercalated Honours Programme.

The first cohort of 10 3rd year medical students have enrolled onto the new intercalated honours in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine programme and are preparing for their medical research retreat at The University of Edinburgh’s Firbush residential centre next week.

The programme, led by Dr David Griffith, is designed to help students add clinical context to their learning and offers direct access to senior medical professionals working at The Royal Infirmary Edinburgh Hospital.

This is a unique opportunity for students to observe, discuss and reflect upon medical practice within clinical settings such as the intensive care unit, theatre sessions, and clinics.

The programme will develop the student’s professional and critical thinking skills as well as their presentation techniques. The Firbush research retreat will provide the students time and space to enhance these essential skills and prepare them for the problem based learning sessions, tutorials, and practical sessions that they will take part in over the course of semester one.

BMedSci students from the new Intercalated Honours Programme.
BMedSci students from the new Intercalated Honours Programme.











The students were upbeat and enthusiastic about the year ahead when they attended a welcome day that introduced them to the main components of the programme.

I am really looking forward to starting, the clinical settings and practical elements of this programme are fantastic and unlike anything else I have seen before

Emma Chang

It is going to be challenging working within that setting and discussing clinical problems with senior staff but it will be an excellent training experience for us

Michael Blayney

We wish the students well as they move forward with their learning and development as part of this programme and every success for the future.

Watch a short film of Dr David Griffith describing how the programme will offer tremendous opportunities for medical students

Dr David Griffth presents a short film about the Intercalated Honours Programme