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Principal’s Medal for Exceptional Contribution 2020

Graham Nimmo and David Griffith are joint winners of a Principal’s Medal for Exceptional Service this year.

Graham Nimmo and David Griffith have been recognised for their exceptional contribution in supporting and serving the University community and mission, and consistent demonstration of the University’s Values, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic.

These awards are the highest bestowed upon students and staff in the University.

David Griffith, Olga Paterson, Graham Nimmo and Lindsay Rutherford, MSc in Critical Care Team
David Griffith, Olga Paterson, Graham Nimmo and Lindsay Rutherford (MSc in Critical Care team)

As well as feeling both delighted and humbled by this accolade, David and I are absolutely clear that we will accept this award on behalf of everyone involved in this work including our core Programme and MOOC Teams, and everyone else who has contributed and/or been part of the extended MOOC Team.

Graham NimmoProgramme Director

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