Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

ECCRG meet at Firbush for their annual research retreat.

The Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group have recently spent a 3 day research retreat at Firbush, The University of Edinburgh’s residential outdoor activity centre.

Members of the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group were joined by students from the intercalated BMedSci programme Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine. The students took this opportunity to share with the group their learning and plans for next year’s clinical research projects.

Lindsay Rutherford, an Academic Co-ordinator for the MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain facilitated a planning workshop ‘Where is our department going and how should we get there?’  

The workshop was well received by the group and they enjoyed discussing current and future research objectives and setting research priorities.

A number of research projects were looked at in more depth, including the promotion of sleep in HDU, led by Corrienne McCulloch and Sheila Rodgers. Jo Thompson, Eddie Donaghy and James Marple also presented their work around Supporting Community Recovery and Reducing Readmission Risk Following Critical Illness (SCARF) and invited the larger group to make suggestions regarding the next steps for the SCARF project.

The retreat also provided a perfect opportunity for the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group to relax and spend time together in the beautiful environment around Loch Tay. Afterwards everyone felt refreshed and ready to return to work with a renewed motivation to continue their excellent research and practice in clinical health.

The Firbush retreat is great, we really get a chance to catch up around our work and share ideas. It connects us and gives us a real sense of working as a team.

Eddie DonaghyProject Manager: SCARF
Group members listening to speaker
Speaker and slides at the meeting
Research nurses discuss in a workshop setting
Group relax after a long day