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First aid advice when travelling

First aid kits

Small travel health kits

For work related travel, the Occupational Health Unit can supply small travel health kits. The basic medications kit contains a selection of simple medications relevant to your travel. The sterile kits contain a small selection of sterile medical supplies - this would only be advised if your itinerary means you will be remote from medical facilities.

The appropriateness of these kits will be discussed with you at your travel health consultation.

General first aid kit

You may also wish to pack a more general first aid kit which could include the following;

  • Emergency medications: these may include paracetamol tablets for headache and antacids for indigestion. 
  • Diarrhoea: fluid replacement powders can be useful. Anti-diarrhoea tablets can be obtained from your chemist and are normally used only by older children and adults (carefully read the instructions). 
  • Sterilising water: tablets for emergencies (especially if filters are not being used) 
  • Sun exposure: sun-block and a cream for using after sunbathing (you should not allow yourself to burn!). 
  • NHS Fit for Travel - first aid