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Dr Tim Kendall

Tim Kendall is interested in the role of WT1 in liver fibrosis and regeneration, exploring myofibroblast heterogeneity throughout the entire disease process.

Dr Tim Kendall

Senior Clinical Fellow in Pathology / Honorary Consultant Histopathologist

  • Centre for Inflammation Research

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Research Overview

The WT1+ mesothelium contributes to the hepatic stellate cell population during development, and after fibrotic liver injury in the subcapsular region; loss of WT1 also influences liver parenchymal development. We aim to characterise the role of WT1 in hepatic stellate cells in fibrotic and non-fibrotic liver injury and regeneration.

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Biographical Profile

Undertook a PhD In the Liver Research Group at the University of Southampton after starting specialist training in Histopathology, and then transferred to Edinburgh to complete clinical training in 2007. Started a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship in 2011, continuing clinical work as Honorary Consultant Histopathologist reporting liver and GI. 

Honours and Awards

  • 2011 - Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship
  • 2004 - Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship
  • 1997 - Wolfson Foundation Studentship



Dr Luke Boulter (MRC Human Genetic Unit)

Professor Nick Hastie (MRC Human Genetics Unit)

Professor Stuart Forbes (MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine)


Professor Andreas Schedl (Institute of Biology Valrose)

Sources of Funding

Wellcome Trust

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