Centre for Inflammation Research

Principal investigators

Researchers whose primary University of Edinburgh affiliation is with the CIR



Job Title
Dr Ahsan Akram Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Fellow / Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Calum Bain Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Dr Chris Bellamy Reader in Hepatic and Renal Pathology
Dr Tom Bird Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow / Honorary Consultant Hepatologist and Reader / Senior Clinical Lecturer (University of Glasgow)

Professor Debby Bogaert

Chair of Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Professor Sara Brown Professor of Dermatology / Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science
Dr Jenna Cash Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow & Chancellor's Fellow
Professor Richard Chin Professor of Paediatric Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology
Dr Gourab Choudhury Consultant Physician and Service Lead, Respiratory Medicine / Senior NRS Fellow
Dr Gareth Clegg Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Professor Steve Cunningham Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Professor Donald J Davidson Chair of Host Defence & Inflammation Biology / Centre Academic Lead for Public Engagement
Professor Kev Dhaliwal Chair of Molecular Imaging and Healthcare Technology / Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Professor David Dockrell

Chair of Infection Medicine / Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research
Professor Julia Dorin Chair of Genetics of Host Defence
Dr David Dorward Academic Consultant Pathologist
Dr Rodger Duffin Reader in Respiratory Medicine
Professor Elaine Dzierzak Chair of Haematological Regeneration
Professor Jonathan Fallowfield

Chair of Translational Liver Research

Dr Yi Feng Reader / Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Dr David Ferenbach Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow
Dr Rebecca Gentek Chancellor's Fellow & Kennedy Trust Senior Research Fellow
Dr Douglas Gibson Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Dr Mohini Gray Reader and Honorary Consultant in Rheumatology
Dr Robert Gray NRS Senior Clinical Fellow & Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician
Professor Christopher D Gregory

Chair of Inflammatory Cell Biology 

Dr Emily Gwyer Findlay Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
Dr Carsten Gram Hansen Senior Lecturer
Professor Chris Haslett Chair of Translational Medicine 
Professor Peter Hayes Professor of Hepatology
Professor Neil Henderson

Chair of Tissue Repair and Regeneration / Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science / Consultant Hepatologist

Professor Adam Hill Professor of Respiratory Medicine / Consultant Physician
Dr Nik Hirani Reader / Associate Medical Director for Outpatient Services
Dr Gwo-Tzer Ho Principal Investigator and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist
Professor Jeremy Hughes Chair of Experimental Nephrology
Dr Steve Jenkins Lecturer
Dr Tim Kendall Senior Clinical Fellow in Pathology / Honorary Consultant Histopathologist
Dr Mohsen Khadem Lecturer
Professor David Kluth Chair of Medical Education
Dr Wei-Yu Lu MRC Career Development Fellow / ESAT Fellow
Dr Christopher Lucas Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow / Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Laura McCulloch Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow
Dr Samanta Mariani Chancellor's Fellow/PI
Professor Lorna Marson Chair of Transplant Surgery
Dr Beth Mills UKRI Future Leader Fellow
Professor Damian Mole Chair of Clinical and Experimental Surgery
Dr Katie Mylonas Research Fellow
Professor Rowan Parks Professor of Surgical Sciences / Honorary Consultant Surgeon
Dr Richard Phelps Principal Investigator / Senior Lecturer
Dr Clare Pridans Principal Investigator
Dr Sandrine Prost Senior Lecturer in Pathology
Dr Prakash Ramachandran MRC Intermediate Clinical Fellow
Professor Adriano G Rossi Chair of Respiratory and Inflammation Pharmacology / Deputy Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research / Postgraduate Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research
Professor Philippa Saunders Chair of Reproductive Steroids
Professor Sir John Savill Chair of Experimental Medicine
Professor Jürgen Schwarze Edward Clark Chair of Child Life and Health
Professor Manu Shankar-Hari Chair of Translational Critical Care Medicine / Honorary Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
Professor Hamish Simpson George Harrison Chair of Trauma and Orthopaedics
Dr Ken Simpson Senior Lecturer
Professor Marc Vendrell Chair of Translational Chemistry and Biomedical Imaging
Dr Sonja Vermeren Senior Lecturer
Professor Sarah Walmsley Chair of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Richard Weller Reader and Honorary Consultant Dermatologist
Professor Moira Whyte Head of College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine / Sir John Crofton Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Professor Steve Wigmore Chair of Transplantation Surgery / Honorary Consultant Surgeon
Dr Gareth Williams Chancellors Fellow in Translational Healthcare Technology / Undergraduate Fellow, Edinburgh Futures Institute
Professor Will Wood Chair in Tissue Regeneration and Repair
Dr Chengcan Yao Reader / MRC Career Development Award (CDA) Fellow
Professor Steven Yule Chair of Behavioural Sciences