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Professor Adam Hill

Adam Hill's group develop strategies to break the vicious cycle of infection and inflammation in bronchiectasis.

Professor Adam Hill

Consultant Physician and Honorary Professor

  • Centre for Inflammation Research

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Department of Respiratory Medicine
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
51 Little France Crescent

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EH16 4SA

Group Members

  • Yang Zhang (PhD student)
  • Pira Saravanamuthu (PhD Student)
  • Katharina Singh Kang (PhD student)
  • Kate Regan (PhD student)
  • Sam Donaldson (Research Nurse)
  • Jane Crowe (Research Nurse)
  • Andrea Clarke (Research Nurse)
  • Kadiga Campbell (Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Catherine Doherty (Microbiologist)


There is a vicious cycle of excess neutrophilic airways inflammation and bacterial infection in patients with bronchiectasis and our research group is exploring mechanisms underpinning this and targeting therapeutic strategies.

Research Overview

Our research group have shown that both the bacterial species and bacterial load are strong drivers of neutrophilic airways and systemic inflammation. This can be reduced with short- and long-term antibiotic therapy. We are currently exploring the role of targeted antibacterial therapy in bronchiectasis. From our studies, however, the inflammatory response recurs on antibiotic cessation. We have been exploring anti-inflammatory therapies including statins and inhaled lipids (derivatives of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) as potential novel therapeutic targets.


  • Dr Maeve Smith (MD) Clinical Assistant Professor in Respiratory Medicine, University of Alberta.
  • Dr James Chalmers (PhD) Discovery Fellow/Consultant, University of Dundee.

Public Engagement

A patient's guide to managing and living with Bronchiectasis


More information on funding at Adam Hill's Research Explorer profile.