Edinburgh Imaging

26 Nov 18. DPUK PET-MR collaboration

Edinburgh Imaging are happy to announce our ‘Researcher’s toolkit’ in partnership with the DPUK PET-MR.


Edinburgh Imaging collaborates with six other UK institutions under the umbrella of the MRC-funded Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) PET-MR Partnership.

The Partnership aims to facilitate high-quality research using PET-MR, a new hybrid imaging technology.


About the toolkit

The Partnership have together developed a "Researchers’ toolkit". The toolkit aims to assist you establishing a PET-MR research project.

The toolkit consists of freely downloadable documents, which you can modify according to your local resources & needs.

We offer:

  • DPUK PETMR participant information sheet
  • DPUK PETMR consent form
  • DPUK PETMR letter of invitation
  • DPUK PETMR FAQ’s for patient or participants
  • DPUK PETMR words of wisdom for researchers
  • DPUK PETMR delegation log
  • DPUK PETMR adverse event report
  • DPUK PET-MR image transmittal form