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01 Jun 18. 100th baby scan

We have now scanned our 100th and 101st baby as part of the Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort Study.

Theirworld, 100th & 101st baby scan
Preterm Infants

Survival rates for premature babies have improved dramatically over recent years but many preterm infants experience long-term cognitive and learning impairments and have an increased risk of neuropsychiatric disease. The complications of prematurity extend across the life course and there are no treatments available to reduce the risk of impairment.

Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort Study

The Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort Study is a world-leading research platform for improving outcomes by studying the causes and consequences of atypical brain development.

We do so by studying

  • Anatomy (brain MRI),
  • Physiology (biasamples),
  • Neurodevelopment,
  • Educational and psychological outcomes,
  • The social graph of the family from birth to 5 years.


Through the identification of early life biological, social and environmental exposures that affect the developing brain, we aim to speed up the translation of new treatments for perinatal brain injury, identify infants who could benefit from targeted early intervention and deepen our understanding of the complex interaction between perinatal events and later environmental influences on long-term brain health.


So far we have recruited over 300 families to participate and this week we scanned our 100th and 101st baby on the new brain optimised 3T Magnetom Prisma MR research scanner at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE.


For more information and list of publications to date please visit Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort website.