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21 Aug 18. Featured Paper

Cardiac CT in prosthetic aortic valve complications.

Link to paper on The British Institute of Radiology.


Jack PM Andrews, Timothy RG Cartlidge, Marc R Dweck, Alastair J Moss


In the current era of transcatheter device therapy, the prevalence of prosthetic aortic valves and their associated complications is increasing. Echocardiography remains the first line imaging investigation for the assessment of prosthetic valve complications however this often fails to identify the underlying mechanism of prosthesis failure. Recently cardiac computed tomography has emerged as an imaging technique capable of providing high isotropic spatial resolution of the prosthetic valve and its utility can provide important complementary diagnostic information. In this pictorial review we present a series of common prosthetic aortic valve complications imaged with cardiac computed tomography and demonstrate how use of this modality can enhance diagnostic accuracy.