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12 Feb 18. 1 year on ...life as a Radiographer

Lucy describes the last 12 months of working with Edinburgh Imaging colleagues.

One year on..

About 12 months ago Lucy Kesseler, joined Edinburgh Imaging as one of Edinburgh Imaging’s research radiographers. Here she tells us, what her first year has been like...  

Main Responsibilities

Lucy's job involves MRI scanning subjects for research purposes with the aim of improving patient care and outcomes. 

She is usually based at either the Edinburgh Imaging WGH or RIE facilities, and  focuses on research in areas such as small vessel disease, dementia, stroke and MS. 

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We asked Lucy, what she enjoyed about her job in the first 12 months?

I enjoy my work at Edinburgh Imaging as it involves working with a wide range of individuals from different medical backgrounds and there is always something new to learn. Some people may not realise our job requires having lots of patience in dealing with subjects in order to get the most co-operation from them during, before and after the scan.

Lucy KesselerMRI Research Radiographer


Life before Edinburgh Imaging?

Lucy graduated from University of West of England in 2008, and prior to coming to Edinburgh Imaging, worked with the NHS as a CT/MRI Radiographer at NHS Devon and Exeter hospital.


What do you like about Edinburgh?

I moved to Edinburgh last year from North Devon,  and I am really enjoying exploring all the delights Scotland has to offer.

I love walking my pointer puppy along the East Lothian coastline as it is reminds me of my home.

I'm delighted that there is an excellent team environment at work, and recently enjoyed a team weekend away at Firbush, on the south shore of Loch Tay, near Killin.

Edinburgh Imaging team at the Firbush Centre