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DPUK PET-MR collaboration

Download the researchers' toolkit for PET-MR: documents to assist you establishing a PET-MR research project. The toolkit has been developed by Edinburgh Imaging in collaboration with the DPUK PET-MR partnership.



Edinburgh Imaging collaborates with six other UK institutions under the umbrella of the MRC-funded Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) PET-MR Partnership.


The Partnership aims to facilitate high-quality research using PET-MR, a new hybrid imaging technology. 

Researchers' toolkit

  • The Partnership has developed a "Researchers’ toolkit".
  • The toolkit aims to assist you establishing a PET-MR research project.
  • The toolkit consists of freely downloadable documents, which you can modify according to your local resources & needs.
Conditions of use
  • Do not remove or alter the DPUK MR-PET logo
  • Do not remove or alter the statement “Developed by Edinburgh Imaging, University of Edinburgh for MRC DPUK” in the footer
  • Replace the grey placeholder images with the facilitating institutions’ logos (e.g. University of Edinburgh & NHS Lothian).
  • Wherever you see square brackets [ ] you must edit the content to reflect your study.
Downloadable documents


Note 1: 

Note 2: 

The Informed Consent Form is a documented process of ensuring the participant has understood the requirements and voluntarily agrees to take part in the research study.

Common statements of consent have been included, however you may wish to add or remove statements as appropriate. Again, content has been written in Plain English to increase accessibility, and with an ageing audience in mind. The table format makes it clear and easy for the participant to complete.

For more information on writing ICFs, visit:

Note 3: 

The participant schedule has been designed to help participants keep track of their appointment dates, times & locations for the study.