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15 Feb 18. 1 year on...life as a Research Associate

We discover how a Dutch Research Associate enjoys life working in Edinburgh investigating brain abnormalities.

One year on..

Rozanna - edinburgh imaging

About 12 months ago Rozanna Meijboom joined the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS) as a Research Associate in Brain Imaging.

Here she tells us, what her first year has been like...  

Main Responsibilities

My work focuses on investigating brain abnormalities in multiple sclerosis (MS) and older people, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques.

I work closely with Edinburgh Imaging colleagues and am mainly involved in the Future MS study and the Lothian Birth Cohort (LBC1936) study.

Future MS study

Future MS is a multi-centre longitudinal study in Scotland, investigating prediction of disease course in MS.

The imaging lead for this study, and Rozanna's line manager, is Prof Adam Waldman.

Lothian Birth Cohort study

The LBC study is a longitudinal study primarily investigating how childhood intelligence is related to older age intelligence and health.

The imaging lead, and Rozanna's other line manager, is Prof Joanna Wardlaw.


Other duties outwith analysis

Rozanna  also pointed out, that whilst the majority of her job was analysing brains, she is also required to do administrative tasks!

She explains that "her job also requires her to do ‘admin’ tasks, such as organising meetings, creating agenda's and writing minutes, but also, more importantly, ensuring proper data transfer, storage (both raw and outcome data) and quality. Data admin can take up quite a bit of time, but it is essential for good research and it’s performed with a team."


We asked Rozanna, what she likes about working with Edinburgh Imaging?

I like working with Edinburgh Imaging colleagues, because a large number of people with different scientific backgrounds and scientific expertise ,  all collaborate and  work closely together - thereby improving the research that is being done.

Rozanna MeijboomResearch Associate

What do you like about Edinburgh? 

It’s great to live in Edinburgh.

It’s such a beautiful diverse place with different building styles, with more than one street level, with a beach, a gorgeous hill, a prominent castle, and many people with different cultural backgrounds.

Being Dutch, I obviously also enjoy cycling on Edinburgh’s hilly roads!