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09 Nov 18. Job - Research assistant

Research assistant in clinical studies of cerebral small vessel disease.

Job reference: 045961
Post: Research assistant in clinical studies of cerebral small vessel disease


Salary: University of Edinburgh Grade 6 (£27,830-£32,236)
Department: Clinical Sciences/Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences 


Closing date: 29th November 2018


Applicants can apply here.



A research fellow is required to assist in clinical studies of Small Vessel Diseases (SVD) including volunteers and patients with minor stroke and cognitive symptoms. The aim of the studies is to understand mechanisms, predict prognosis, identify treatments and improve outcomes for SVDs and thereby stroke and dementia. The post-holder will collect clinical, cognitive brain imaging and physiological data from participants in ongoing longitudinal studies of mechanisms and risk factors for small vessel diseases. They will ensure that data are up to date, accurate and complete. The studies are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Fondation Leducq, the Stroke Association, British Heart Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society and EU Horizon 2020 programmes and take place in the Brain Research Imaging Centres and UK Dementia Research Institute, University of Edinburgh. The post-holder will play an active part in the general activities of the Small Vessel Diseases research group and have knowledge of clinical studies including recruitment, data collection, checking and management.


Application details

Closing date: 29th November 2018

This is a full-time 2-year post.

For more information and to submit an application, please use the ‘apply’ button in the link, here.