Edinburgh Imaging

14 Nov 18. Artwork launch at the EIF RIE

We are delighted to be displaying the artwork of India Cawley-Gelling, entitled “The Brain Across the Ages”, at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE.


On the 8th November 2018, a successful launch of the artwork from India Cawley-Gelling occurred at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE, which is where it will be displayed.

We were fortunate enough for India to display her work which follows three themes:


India Cawley-Gelling is a graduate in Fine Art from the University of Edinburgh and the University of California Los Angeles. She worked in collaboration with the Edinburgh Imaging Brain Research Imaging staff to design a timeline mapping the history of magnetic resonance imaging and of the human brain across the ages.

EIF RIE art launch

The work’s detailed graphic surface encourages the viewer to both consider the work up close and to step back. What at first sight appears as pure abstract calligraphy, suddenly reveals imagery of recognisable human anatomy from MRI scans, blood vessels, and notable scientific equations. The timeline is configured in the shape of an Edinburgh City road map. It was important to India that the drawing was relevant to Edinburgh and visually she saw a link between a road map and a neurological network.