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ROADMAP project celebrates success

The ROADMAP project celebrates success as it moves to the end of Phase 1

The ROADMAP project

The “Real world Outcomes across the Alzheimer’s Disease spectrum for better care: Multi-modal data Access Platform” (ROADMAP) project provides the foundation for an integrated data environment and framework for real-world evidence (RWE in Alzheimer’s disease).

This includes the development of consensual key outcome measures and enabling data integration tools for dataset characterisation and outcome classification, as well as guidelines on the handling and interpretation of RWE data. ROADMAP has a budget of EUR 8.21 million and 26 partners led by the University of Oxford and Novartis.

Professor Cathie Sudlow co-leads the Outcome Definition work package - which aims to obtain consensus on a set of real-world AD focused outcomes across the spectrum of the patient journey from pre‐clinical to severe stages of the disease. The set of outcomes generated will be those of relevance to patients, carers, scientists, clinicians, regulators, HTA bodies, payers and policy makers.

ROADMAP website

Blog posts from members of the Outcome Definition team here at the Usher Institute

Claire Tochel, Mia Nelson and Amanda Ly reflect on their work in gaining a new look at our understanding of outcomes and their respective importance in an interview with the ROADMAP communications team: Interview with the Outcome Definition team at the Usher Institute

Mia reflects on: Involving people with dementia in research – lessons from ROADMAPs Outcome Definition team

Claire reflects on a key conference session: ROADMAP participates in "Women and Dementia" session at Alzheimer's Disease International Conference

Outcome Definition team - latest report

You can read more about the work from the team in their latest report on disease progression and prioritising Alzheimer’s disease outcomes, submitted as the project comes to the end of Phase 1.

Outcome Definition team submits report