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RESPIRE PhD student in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine cover story

Congratulations to RESPIRE PhD student, Rutuja Patil, whose image appears on the cover of the December 2018 edition of The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

'A joyful homecoming'

In the accompanying cover story, Rutuja describes the widespread use of biomass cooking stoves, as witnessed on a recent trip to her home village in Maharashtra, India.

The use of biomass stoves, and the associated household air pollution, is linked to the development of a range of diseases including respiratory diseases and cataracts.

Despite this fact, nearly half of the world's population still depend on the use of biomass for domestic cooking. We collectively need to take steps to reduce the pollution caused by the domestic use of biomass fuels indoors.

Rutuja Patil RESPIRE PhD student

Lancet Respiratory Medicine

See the image and read the cover story, “A joyful homecoming” on The Lancet Respiratory Medicine website

Rutuja Patil

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