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Video created by Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Professor Scott Murray, of the Usher Institute, will run a session entitled 'From research to learning - Explaining the rationale for early palliative care' at a College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Good Practice Showcase in March.

PPCRG Video Screenshot

Our Primary Palliative Care Research Group recently created a video to summarise some key aspects of their research.  The video, embedded it in an Analysis in the BMJ, has been viewed over 23,000 in Youtube with a Twitter reach of over a million. The video shows in an accessible way that there are a number of simple clinical events  that may usefully trigger a personalised and anticipatory approach to care, as we advocate in primary care and palliative care.

Undergraduate medical teaching

We now show this video to year 4 undergraduate medical students to summarise teaching to let students understand that a palliative care approach should be started at the beginning of any life-threatening illness, rather than in the last weeks of life.

Video in many languages

The video is now also extensively used in postgraduate palliative care teaching, and has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

View the video - aimed at health and care professionals

For the public

There is also a version designed for patients and the general public to help them better anticipate and plan for their last phase of life. Many public engagement events using this video are planned.

View the video - aimed at members of the public

Social media hit

One of the most viewed posts published on the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) blog in the first half of 2017 was written by Professor Scott Murray, Sébastien Moine, Jordi Amblàs-Novellas and Kirsty Boyd and incorporates the ideas behind the video.

Palliative care from diagnosis to death