Usher Institute

Professor Cathie Sudlow - Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Usher Institute's Cathie Sudlow, Professor of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology, is one of 66 new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

These new Fellows will help the RSE to continue its work in providing independent and expert advice to policymakers, support aspiring entrepreneurs, develop research capacity and leadership and engage with the public through engaging events...The RSE, unusual amongst National Academies for its multi-disciplinary approach, continues to strengthen its Fellowship by appointing leading professionals from within the arts, business and public sector as well as within academia.

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Royal Society of Edinburgh

Professor Cathie Sudlow

The RSE, Scotland’s National Academy, contributes to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Scotland through the advancement of learning and useful knowledge. Founded in 1783, it currently has around 1,600 Fellows drawn from a range of disciplines and countries.  

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