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Usher Postgraduate Administrator nominated for the Best Support Staff Award

Usher Postgraduate Administrator Stuart Mallen has been nominated twice for the Best Support Staff Award as part of the 2017-18 Edinburgh University Students’ Association Teaching Awards.

Picture of Stuart Mallen

The Teaching Awards are the Students’ Association’s contribution to recognising and rewarding good teaching at the University of Edinburgh. Students are encouraged to nominate those who they think deserve to be awarded a Teaching Award.  The category of 'Best Support Staff' recognises that a positive learning experience relies on many staff with no direct involvement in teaching.

As part of the nomination process students are asked to say why they are nominating an individual.

[Stuart] puts up with every single one of our queries, questions and ten billion emails without a complaint and always with a smile

Stuart is the most hardworking person in our building. Between running around opening the SSLT, giving us our grades, adding courses, putting things up on Learn and of course answering our one million email, he never fails to deliver. The burden of managing 50 MPH students must drain the life out of him, but he still does it everyday with a smile on his face. All of us at the MPH value him more than we show!

The winners of this year’s Teaching Awards will be announced at the Students’ Association’s Award Ceremony on 26 April 2018.


Edinburgh University Students' Association was the first in the UK to offer student-led Teaching Awards.

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