Postgraduate study

Tuition fee status

How we determine your fee status for fee paying purposes.

Like other universities in the United Kingdom, we set different tuition fee rates for students whose status is 'home' (United Kingdom or European Union) and those whose status is 'overseas'.

All online learning students pay the same rate.

Work out your fee status

When you apply to study with us, we will attempt to calculate your tuition fee status based on the information you provide in your application about your nationality and country of domicile.

If we have not been able to determine your fee status, you will need to complete a Fees Status Questionnaire.

Work out your fee status

Fee status information for EU students

If you start your postgraduate studies in 2020, you can apply to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) for funding. Your tuition fee status will not change for the duration of your degree programme. This applies if the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement and also in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Future funding arrangements for EU students will be determined as part of the UK’s discussions on its future relationship. For further information see the information for applicants from the EU webpages.

Information for applicants from the EU