Postgraduate study

Tuition fee rates

Tuition fees vary between degree programmes. Find the specific fees for your chosen programme in our degree finder.

Find tuition fees on the degree finder

What do tuition fees cover?

TuitionĀ fees cover matriculation, tuition and one diet of examination.

Annual tuition fee increase

Tuition fees increase every year in the majority of cases.

If you intend to study over additional years, you should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

Taught international full-time students

If you are an Overseas/International taught student studying full-time over multiple years, you will:

  • not be affected by the annual tuition fee increase
  • be charged a fixed annual fee based on your start date

Fees for PhD and MPhil degrees

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) set the tuition fees for Home students studying PhD or MPhil degrees. These tuition fees are usually confirmed later than the tuition fees for Overseas/International students.