Postgraduate study

Approved universities in non-majority English speaking countries

Approved universities from non-majority English speaking countries (non-MESC).

Degrees from these universities, in non-majority English speaking countries (non-MESC),  that are taught and assessed entirely in English are accepted by the University as meeting English language entry requirements.

  • Universities which teach and assess only in English are marked with an asterisk.
  • Where a university does not teach solely in English, it is the responsibility of students to provide evidence that their degree has been taught and assessed in English.

Visiting students who are studying for a degree that is taught and assessed entirely in English at one of these approved universities, but who have not yet completed their degree, are accepted by the University as meeting the English language entry requirements for visiting students providing they have successfully completed one full year of study.

If you are not a national of a majority English speaking country, as defined by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI), then your degree must be no more than three and a half years old at the beginning of your programme of study.

UKVI Majority English speaking countries