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Deferring your offer

We do not normally offer deferrals. For some degrees, we may be able to make a very limited number of offers for deferred entry.


Priority will be given to those who might have the most difficulty in engaging with the application process the following year.

Examples would include:

  • applicants who are undergoing, or recovering from, intensive medical treatment
  • applicants who will be travelling in remote areas where there will be little access to the internet
  • applicants with serious health conditions (mental or physical health problems)
  • maternity/paternity/adoption reasons
  • extra-curricular opportunities, for example: elite sport, art/music related opportunities
  • employment opportunities/internships directly relevant to your degree programme
  • military service

Deadline for deferral requests

The deadline for submitting a deferral request is 31 August.

Unsuccessful deferral requests

If your deferral request is unsuccessful, we encourage you to take up your place for entry this year, or to withdraw and submit a new application for entry next year.

However, because competition for places varies each year, there is no guarantee that a new application will be successful.

English language tests

Please remember that if you defer your place you may need to take a new English test if your current English language qualification expires before the revised start date.

Deposit refunds

If we are not able to defer your place, there is no automatic right to a refund of your deposit if you withdraw.

If you request a refund of your tuition fee deposit as a result of exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness or bereavement, the decision will be made by schools or colleges on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition fee deposits