Student Systems

Removing unwanted progression records

You can remove any progression records for students who do not need a progression decision. You can also reinstate any removed records if a student needs a decision at a later date.

Students who are not matriculated in the current academic year will have a progression record created and will appear in the progression and awards screen.

 In addition to fully matriculated students, those  who are withdrawn, interrupted or continuing but not yet matriculated will appear in the progression screens.

 In some cases progression decisions or awards need to be published for these students particularly on part-time intermittent programmes where students may not matriculate in an academic year.

 Where an award or progression decision is not needed a student's progression record can be removed.

 Any records that have been removed can be reinstated if they are removed by mistake or a student needs a decision published at a later date.


You can find guidance on how to remove and reinstate progression record here:

Remove progression records:


For further guidance, please see: