Student Systems


You can publish progression and award decisions after they've been ratified. Students can see their published decisions on their EUCLID account.

From the main student list screen you can select one, many or all students and publish their decisions at the same time. As long as the students you select have already been ratified.

You can also publish the decision for an individual student by clicking the edit button beside their name to access their individual progression record.

Progression decisions should be published by the date set out in the key dates schedule: Key Dates

Awards must be published by the deadline (Key Dates). Once the deadline has passed award publishing will be temporarily switched off while Student Systems prepare for the graduation ceremonies. For more information please see Awards processing around graduations.

If you need to make any changes after a decision is published, please see Making changes after publishing for guidance.

Click on the sections below to find out how to publish progression/awards or see what it looks like from the students view.   

How to publish from the student list screen

You can publish decisions for one, many or all students from the main student list screen as long as the students you select have already been ratified.

How to publish from an individual progression record

You can publish the progression/award decision for an individual student from their individual progression record.

Student view

Students can view their published progression and award information through their EUCLID accounts.