Student Systems

Awards processing around graduations

If you need to publish an award after the deadline, and the student is intending to graduate, you need to contact the Student Records team.

Please note: for Winter 2022, no awards may be published after Friday 4th November at noon. The Graduations team will be preparing for the winter graduations at this point, and need a static dataset to work with. Once this is complete, award publication will be switched back on.

If the awards publication deadline has passed there will be a period of time when the Progression & Awards tool will not let you publish awards. If you try to publish an award during this time, you'll see a message referring you to this web page.

Awards processed through the Progression & Awards tool between the award publication deadline and the end of the corresponding graduation ceremonies must be emailed to the Student Records team for publishing, if the student is intending to graduate. If the student does not intend to graduate then the award should be held until after the graduation ceremonies are complete.

We understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances can prevent the publication of awards by the deadline. A process is outlined below detailing what to do to ensure your student can graduate in these circumstances:

  1. Calculate and ratify the award in the Progression & Awards tool
  2. Email the Student Records team at to confirm that the award is ready to be published, using the subject line ‘New award to be published - late award’
  3. The Student Records team will advise when this is complete

Late awards will be held temporarily while the graduation list is prepared for the printers. The Student Records team will publish the awards within one week of them being sent to us, at which point the student will be notified. Students who receive late awards will not appear in the graduation programme, will cross the stage at the end of the ceremony and will not sit with their cohort.

There is no change to the handling of Postgraduate Research awards and award exceptions, which are not processed through the Progression & Awards tool. Details of awards not processed through the Progression & Awards tool can be found at the following web page: Award exceptions