Student Systems

Distance Learning (non-credit) students in Progression & Awards

Students enrolled on a course as Distance Learning (non-credit) need to have the course result NO (Class Only) added in order to be excluded from Progression & Award calculations.

Students who are enrolled on a course as Distance Learning (non-credit) will show in the Assessment Hub. This means they will appear alongside all other students on the course and a course result will be expected for them. 

To ensure the course is treated correctly for Progression & Awards, you need to change the result for these students to 0 NO - Class Only (or just NO if it's grade only).

You can change this from the Assessment Hub via the student's little i button (accessed from the Process Course Results screen). For guidance see Change Grades

Change to non-counting credit

If the course result is 0 NO it will be excluded from Progression & Awards.

If for some reason you cannot update the result to 0 NO, you could also exclude the course by changing the selection status to "Non-counting credit". This will have the same impact, although if you haven't changed the grade to Class Only, the student may see a fail on their record. 

You can find guidance on how to change a selection status here: Changing a selection status