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After the board has met and you've made any required changes, you can ratify the student progression records.

When you ratify the progression records you are confirming the decision and any changes have been confirmed by the board.

The status of the progression record must be "Ready for board" before you can change it to ratified. If you haven't already done this, please see How to mark as ready for board for guidance.

If you try to ratify records where the status is still "calculated" you will see an error message saying the student cannot be ratified and will be skipped.

How to ratify

Process overview

There are two ways you can ratify progression records:

  • From the main student list screen - this allows you to select one or more students and ratify them all at once. 
  • From an individual progression record - this ratifies the record for that single student only. It can be useful if you’re already in the record reviewing and editing the information on the same screen.
From the student list screen:
  1. If appropriate, start by using the filters under Show/hide rows to focus the list on the students you want to ratify (i.e. "hide published rows" or "only show completing students")
  2. Select all or specific students you want to ratify
  3. Click Ratify under the Change Status section on the right side of the page.
From an individual progression record
  1. Click the Edit button on the end of the student's progression line (this button is to the right of the Status column)  
  2. Click Ratify under the Change Status section on the right side of the page.

The status will then change to "Ratified".

If you need to make any changes you can still edit the record after it's been ratified. For guidance, please see Editing Progression & Award information.

Full process with screenshots

If you need a bit more guidance you'll find step by step instructions with screenshots included on the document below.  

If you want to return to this page after viewing the guidance, please click your browser's back button. 

Next steps

If you need to edit the records after they've been ratified, you can do this through the individual student's progression record. For guidance on how to do this go to Editing Progression & Award information

Once you're happy with the ratified records, you can publish them. For guidance on how to do this go to Publishing.