Student Systems

Import notes

You can use the import notes features to import notes from an Excel file. You can choose to import notes that will be published to the student along with their decision/award, or to import notes for internal purposes only.

Import student notes

Student notes are the ones you want to publish to the student when their progression decision or award is published.

You can import student notes by selecting this feature from the blue Action menu:

Screenshot showing the action menu and import notes button

From the pop up window, choose an Excel file to import. The file must contain a single sheet with two columns: 

  • Column A should list the student UUNs with the /instance number
  • Column B should list the notes associated with the student in the same row

There should be no headers on the spreadsheet.

For example:

Congratulations on your MSc. We hope you are able to join us for graduation on Thursday 29 November and that although this marks the end of your time as an EPCC MSc student you will keep in touch as a member of the EPCC community.

S123456/2 You have not achieved enough credits to be awarded the Graduate LLB Ordinary degree. You will have the opportunity to complete these credits during the August 2019 resit diet. Your award decision will be considered at the September 2019 exam board.
S123456/3 You have not passed sufficient credits to receive an award. You will therefore be required to complete a part-time catch-up year in order to make up the credit deficit, enrolling on 10 credits in 2019-20. If you have any queries contact the Student Support Office or your Personal Tutor.

If there are already student notes recorded, the ones you import will be added to the existing ones.

Import internal notes

The internal notes are for staff use only and can be used to record information about the student and their progression record. These notes will not be published to the student.

You can import internal notes by selecting this feature from the blue Action menu:  

Screenshot showing the action menu and import notes button

The Excel file needs to be in the same format as described above for importing student notes. 

Import errors

The import screen will show you if there's an error and the reason for this. For example if you include headers or an invalid student number you'll see the message "Student number not present for Programme".

The student number must include the /instance for it to be valid.