Jiaqi Wang

Robledo Group, PhD student

Current research

I am currently researching the resistance of Nile tilapia to TiLV (Tilapia lake virus). TiLV is an infectious disease that poses a serious threat to the tilapia industry, causing significant mortality in Nile tilapia at various stages of growth. My work involves using immortalised tilapia cell lines to study the genes behind the TiLV resistance Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) identified in Nile tilapia, as well as exploring the interactions between host genes and viral proteins. The ultimate goal is to use CRISPR/Cas genome editing to potentially generate tilapia with resistance to TiLV.


Favourite aquaculture species

Yellow catfish.



  • [2015-2019]          BSA in Aquaculture Science (Henan Agricultural University, China)
  • [2019-2022]          MSA in Aquaculture (Huazhong Agriculture University, China)
  • [2022-Present]    PhD in Genomics and Genetics (the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh).