Calder Hudson [Alumni]

Bean Group, Project Administrator

Current work

I organise and administrate the Aquaculture team’s ongoing projects as well as their meetings, events, and resources. This allows me to work across the wider aquaculture team here at the Roslin Institute. Facilitating effective communication and collaboration are near and dear to me both personally and professionally, and I’ve very much enjoyed coordinating with the scientists here at Roslin to help showcase their research (including through this website, which we developed in tandem with the Roslin Institute Communications team)!


Favorite aquaculture species

I love all crustaceans equally.



I came to the UK in 2011 to pursue higher education with a focus on Comparative Literature and English. Since then I’ve worked for and with several institutions with a focus on developing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. After completing an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh I continued to pursue and platform new writing through online journals and university workshops. I began working for the university in late 2019, bringing with me considerable experience from the publishing, marketing, and advertising industries.

  • [2011-2015]         Undergraduate degree, University of St Andrews
  • [2015-2016]         Postgraduate degree, University of Edinburgh
  • [2016-Present]   Chief Editor of international online review
  • [2017-2019]         Content Executive at Edinburgh-based content agency
  • [2019-2022]         Project Administrator for the Aquaculture team.


Interests, hopes and dreams

I dedicate most of my time outside of the university either to activist causes or Edinburgh’s vibrant arts community; I am the Chief Editor of a literature review and an aficionado of interactive storytelling.