Dana Albatesh

Bean Group, MScR student

Dana Albatesh at work

Current research


We aim to develop a medium-density multi-species SNP array for different aquaculture species. Initial sampling will take place in Qatar. The samples' genetic diversity will be characterised through SNP discovery followed by an array validation. With this, we hope to have the array established to facilitate genetic management of species in Qatar’s aquaculture sector.



For my undergraduate project at Qatar University, I started with the basis of learning about cells. In my senior year, I worked on understanding cell functions in a cell culture laboratory, obtaining in vitro lab and experimental skills. Following that, I joined the Genetics and Genomics team at Qatar University. During this time, I had the opportunity to gain skills in molecular techniques focused on sequencing technologies, specifically Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT). Soon after, the Covid-19 pandemic was reported, and I received training for the BSL-3 laboratory and was re-assigned to work on sequencing and genomic characterisation of the variants present in Qatar.

  • [2011-2017]                  BSc in Biology and Minor in Chemistry (Qatar University)
  • [2017-2022]                  Research Assistant (Qatar University)
  • [2022-present]            MScR in Genetics and Genomics (The Roslin Institute)


Interests, hopes and dreams

I enjoy listening to jazz music, reading science-related biographies, and watching true crime documentaries. I also love nature, snorkelling, and quad/buggy biking!