Alexandra Florea

Bean Group, PhD student

Current research

Establishing new cell lines, transcriptomics and gene editing. 

My current research focuses on facilitating gene editing for resistance to viral pathogens in aquaculture species. My main project uses CRISPR/Cas 9 technology to understand the immune system of Pacific whiteleg shrimp and the host-virus interaction in more detail and improve the host resistance to white spot syndrome virus (WSSV). In parallel, I am studying salmonid alphavirus (SAV) resistance in gene-edited Atlantic salmon cell lines. (EASTBIO CASE studentship) 


Favourite aquaculture species

Pacific whiteleg shrimp. They are the absolute cutest crustaceans.  



My past work focused on salmonid immunology, viral kinetics and transcriptomics. During my Honours and MSci I have been working under Professor Sam Martin in the Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre, studying Chinook salmon cell lines for interferon pathway CD9 gene expression and its promoter element functions following viral infections. I have participated in multiple research programmes while collaborating with academics from the University of Aberdeen, Oceanlab Institute and the North Sea Birth Club (NSBC).  

  • [2015 – 2018]              BSci Marine Biology (University of Aberdeen) 
  • [2018 – 2020]              MSci of Biological Sciences (University of Aberdeen) 
  • [2020 – Present]        PhD Genetics and Genomics (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh).


Interests, hopes and dreams 

I love running, weight training and trying about every sport under the sun. I enjoy scuba diving and wind sailing the most. In my spare time I play more video games than I would like to admit. I am also a professional photographer and sometimes I get to enjoy it as a hobby if the Scottish weather allows. I hope to be able to continue travelling and trying out all the delicious food the world has to offer.