Diego Perojil Morata

Macqueen Group, PhD student

Current Research

Diego Perojil

I am interested in genome evolution in salmonids, especially the rediploidization process that has been ongoing since the salmonid specific whole genome duplication event ~90mya. My project focuses on the role played by transposable elements in the evolution of development during rediploidization, as they are thought to positively contribute to lineage diversification and the evolution of complex life history traits, such as anadromy. I am developing techniques to perform comparative genomics at the transcript and epigenome level, across different species and stages of development.


Favourite aquaculture species

Mussels, because they taste nice.



Before my PhD, I studied Biological Sciences at The University of Aberdeen, where I graduated with a BSc in November 2018.  I completed an Honours research project on the role of whole genome duplication on evolutionary rescue, for which I developed an individual based model that compared diploid and tetraploid adaptation under a changing environmental parameter. This research project sparked my interest in genome evolution, with a focus on the evolutionary role of whole genome duplication.

  • [2014-2018]          Undergraduate studies (Biology, University of Aberdeen)
  • [2018-Present]    PhD at the Macqueen lab (The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh University)


Interests, hopes and dreams

I love nature and science, and I am excited to learn more about evolution during my PhD. In my free time I enjoy playing the guitar and going outside. I also love sailing and my dream is to sail around the world.