Hugo Suárez [former visitor]


Current research

I studied experimental sciences at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid and I did my final dissertation in the Department of Nonlinear Dynamics about a biological neuron model with Morris Lecar equations. Currently I'm studying for a masters degree in genetics and genomics at the University of Vigo. I'm interested in life sciences in general, which makes it difficult for me to choose a favourite topic! But I'm always eager to learn about new things. My masters final project is focused on understanding how ostreid herpes virus affects Pacific oysters, specifically which genes are involved in developing resistance to OsHV-1 disease. The aim of the project is performing lipofection techniques in resistance genes in order to improve oyster survival. 


Interests, hopes and dreams

I'm passionate about music; I play guitar and sing, so I'm always down to enjoy live music or even play somewhere. I also love festivals, travelling and meeting new people!

Hugo Suarez visited the Roslin Institute from the University of Vigo.