Léa Soler-Clavel

Macqueen Group, MScR student

Current research

My MScR project focuses on comparative genomics analyses of devil rays using a novel reference genome for Mobula hypostoma, as a pilot for future mobulid rays conservation genomics studies. My aim is to improve the understanding of the evolutionary and adaptative history of this genus to inform conservation.

This work is led by Emily Humble (R(D)SVS, University of Edinburgh) in collaboration with Kim Bassos-Hull and Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua from MOTE Marine Laboratory, and Lisa Hoopes at the Georgia Aquarium.



I obtained my Marine Biology MSci from the University of Southampton in 2020. During my research project, I investigated the expression of metabolic genes in ammonia-oxidising microorganisms in the mesopelagic Atlantic Ocean as a response to different environmental variables. Before enrolling this MScR, I also worked as an Open Research publishing editor.