Nunticha Pankaew

Digard Group, PhD Student

Current research

Nunticha is a University of Edinburgh PhD student.

My PhD research is focused on the comprehensive characterisation of the proteome of a novel RNA virus, Tilapia tilapinevirus, also known as Tilapia Lake virus or TiLV, which poses a significant threat to global tilapia aquaculture.

We use a combination of bioinformatic analyses and molecular techniques, including mass spectrometry, western blot, in vitro transcription and translation, immunofluorescence, as well as biochemical and mutagenic analyses to characterise the molecular attributes of the virus.

This is a first step in gaining a molecular understanding of virus pathogenesis and may lead to avenues which could help minimise the impact of the virus on Tilapia and prevent catastrophic losses for future outbreaks.


Favourite aquaculture species




  •  [2012-2017]          BEd Secondary Education, Major: Biology (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  •  [2018-2019]          MSc Animal Biosciences (the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh) 
  •  [2020-Present]    PhD student in Infection and Immunity (the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh).


Interests, hopes and dreams

I enjoy staying at home, watching movies, cooking with my friends, and travelling. My favourite place in Scotland is the Highlands. My dream is to become a researcher/lecturer and have my own lab.