Dan Macqueen [GL]

Personal Chair of Integrative Fish Genomics

Dan Macqueen

Current Research

I hold the Personal Chair of Integrative Fish Genomics. I am interested in genomes, physiology and evolution, especially research where these themes intersect. The iconic salmonid fishes hold a special place in my heart, and I am personally fascinated by a whole genome duplication event shared by these fish that has had a pervasive impact on their biology and evolution (it also complicates genomic analysis). Much of my group's research focuses on salmonids, but we also work on other fish and vertebrate lineages for comparative genomic studies. We also dabble with fish diseases and pathogens, and have recently started to work on shellfish genomics in collaboration with others in the group. Our work ranges from fundamental science on genome evolution through to applied research on fish health and genetics, aiming to generate positive impacts within the aquaculture sector. We apply a full range of advanced ‘omics and bioinformatic tools routinely.

My lab has its own external site listing publications and personnel.

Dan Macqueen Lab


Favourite aquaculture species

I guess Atlantic salmon – but only because not all salmonids are farmed. I would then have to mention Hucho spp. as my all-time favourites. They get really big and are interesting for their evolutionary position within the salmonids.



  • [2000-2003]          First-class BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Plymouth
  • [2004-2008]          PhD, University of St Andrews; investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying phenotypic plasticity of muscle development in salmon.
  • [2008-2012]          University of St Andrews; post-doctoral positions in fish genomics
  • [2013]                      Lecturership, University of Aberdeen
  • [2015]                      Senior Lecturership, University of Aberdeen
  • [2018]                      Readership, University of Aberdeen
  • [2018-2020]          Readership at the Roslin Institute
  • [2020-Present]    Personal Chair of Integrative Fish Genomics 


Interests, hopes and dreams

I enjoy running (sort of competitively) and the odd dram of fine whisky. I hope to live to retirement age.