Robert Potts [Alumni]

Bean Group, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Current research

Robert Potts

My PhD project is focused on understanding the genetics underlying disease resistance, specifically to ostreid herpes virus, in Pacific oysters. To do this I will be using DNA editing technologies (CRISPR/Cas9) to understand the significance of specific genes within the oyster genome. I am also interested in primary cell culture and have spent some time developing methods for establishing cultures.


Favourite aquaculture species

Crassostrea gigas (obviously).



During my undergrad I worked on research projects where I developed an interest for aquaculture, and my year working at the Pirbright Institute gave me a foundation in genetics. My PhD project is a combination of both, with lots of new things involved also.

  • [2014-2017]       Undergraduate studies (Biology, University of Exeter)
  • [2017-2018]       Lab technician (Arthropod genetics group, Pirbright Institute)
  • [2018-2022]       PhD student (EastBio CASE studentship, Roslin Institute and Cefas)
  • [2022-Present] Postdoc (Roslin Institute).


Interests, hopes and dreams

When I am not working I will be playing rugby, hiking, camping or otherwise enjoying what Scotland has to offer.