Christina Kriaridou

Robledo Group, PhD student

Current Research

The focus of my PhD  project is to design and evaluate cost-effective genotyping strategies, which will enable aquaculture to fully benefit from genomic selection. These strategies will be developed by exploiting low-density genotyping and will be tested in multiple aquaculture species and on different traits to accurately predict breeding values. The project will also establish best practices for the use of genotype imputation in aquaculture breeding schemes and test the impact of the incorporation of putative functional variants into low-density SNP panels. This PhD is funded by the Principal’s Career Development Scholarship of the University of Edinburgh and is in partnership with Xelect Company.


Favourite aquaculture species

I love them all, but if I had to choose I would say Atlantic salmon, a keystone species that has an incredible life cycle.



Christina Kriaridou has helped support aquaculture efforts at the Roslin Institute even before beginning her PhD dissertation!

During my undergraduate and Master’s Degree (Distinction) I worked on linkage and QTL analysis of farmed gilthead sea bream and common dentex. In 2019 I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience at The Roslin Institute by undertaking a funded Erasmus Placement (published work: ‘Genomic prediction using low density marker panels in aquaculture: performance across species, traits, and genotyping platforms’).

  • [2011 – 2015]           BSc in Biology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • [2016 – 2018]           MSc in Applied Genetics and Biodiagnostics (AUTH)
  • [2019]                         Research assistant (‘SMARTER’ project, AUTH)
  • [2020]                         Research assistant (‘BreedPargus’, International Hellenic University)
  • [2020 – Present]     PhD Genetics and Genomics (Roslin Institute)


Interests, hopes and dreams

Besides science, I love animals, hiking and traveling. I am also really passionate about photography and painting.