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Learn more about the services and systems available to support the use of technology in learning and teaching.

Preparing for Teaching Continuity – Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We have produced some advice and guidance on how to continue teaching remotely and  guidance on assessment continuity. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic we would advise that all teaching staff consider this advice. You may also be interested in skilling-up more generally using our Learning Technology Training and Help Resources. Please also regularly check the University’s Coronavirus information and advice to keep up-to-date with the University’s position.

Information Services provides a wide range of learning technology services which underpin the delivery of the University Learning and Teaching Strategy and support an excellent student experience.

Learning technology training

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Find out how we can help you make the most of technologies for learning, teaching and assessment. Our team provide specialist support and guidance including training, pedagogy-focussed workshops, and engagement events.

Virtual Learning Environments

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The service pages for the University supported Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs): Learn and Moodle

Assessment and Feedback

Information about Assessment and Feedback tools to use within Learning and Teaching.

Media Hopper Replay (Lecture Recording)

The University's lecture recording service is called Media Hopper Replay. It is available in most of our largest teaching spaces and is being rolled out to smaller teaching rooms over the coming year. By the start of the 2019/20 academic year, it will be available in around 400 teaching spaces.

Media Hopper Create (Media Management)

Media Hopper Create
Put video at the heart of learning, teaching and public engagement by creating, uploading and editing video. Media Hopper Create is the easy way to make, share, and manage your media assets.

Virtual Classroom

Students working together
Services which allow you and your students to communicate and collaborate.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are any type of educational materials that are available under an open license, free for others to reuse and remix in their learning and teaching. 

Learning Design

Learning design is the process of designing learning experiences, including planning, structuring, and sequencing, through facilitated activities that are student-centred, inclusive and accessible, pedagogically informed and aim to promote better use of technologies in teaching.

Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios allow students to record evidence of their learning and bring it together in a shareable format. Discover how PebblePad, the digital portfolio tool supported by Information Services, can help tutors to assess their students and provide feedback in an innovative way.

Electronic voting system

Top Hat is an online voting system used to poll groups of students in a lecture or tutorial session. Students respond via an app or web browser on their own device.

Academic Blogging Service

Academic blogging with Wordpress
Explore ways for you to use blogging at the University of Edinburgh by learning more about our Academic Blogging Service.

Survey Tools

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Online survey and questionnaire tools for research, evaluation and planning activities.


The Noteable service is a centrally supported service offering access to Jupyter notebooks for teaching purposes. After a success pilot phase Noteable is now being launched as a full service, available to all staff for use in teaching.

Online Course Production

Online learning
The Online Course Production Service (OCPS) offers support for development of professional, high quality digital education, from project planning and learning design to media production and marketing.

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