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Arranging Collaborate sessions of more than 250 attendees

If you are creating a session via MyEd, Blackboard would like to be informed in advance if sessions are expected to have more than 250 participants. Collaborate supports large scale sessions of up to 500 attendees.  For further information please see:

How many participants can attend a Blackboard Collaborate session?

If via Learn or Moodle then you are able to do this yourself in the session settings.

Session Settings (Blackboard Website)

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (known as Collaborate) is the University supported virtual classroom and meeting tool.

All Staff and Students can create and access Blackboard Collaborate sessions directly in the Collaborate channel in MyEd.  Blackboard Collaborate is also integrated in Learn and Moodle.

New Virtual Classroom Policy

Help and Support




Quickstart Guide to setting up Collaborate sessions in Learn

Introduction to Collaborate

Information on roles and functionality in Collaborate as well as requirements for use and limitations.

Creating and Accessing Sessions

How to create and access sessions via Learn, Moodle or MyEd.

Advice on Planning or Participating in a Session

Advice on how to prepare and plan a Collaborate session, whatever your role.

Help, Support and Training

Information on how to get help, support and training. Includes advice on troubleshooting and known issues.

Session Security Tips for Using Blackboard Collaborate

This page offers suggestions on how to keep Collaborate sessions secure.