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Arranging Collaborate sessions of more than 100 attendees

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, Blackboard would like to be informed in advance if sessions are expected to have more than 100 participants. For further information please see:

How many participants can attend a Blackboard Collaborate session?


Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is the university supported virtual classroom/meeting tool which is available to all staff and students.

All Staff and Students can create and access Blackboard Collaborate sessions directly in the Collaborate channel in MyEd.  Blackboard Collaborate is also integrated in the University VLEs of Learn and Moodle.

Help and Support




Quickstart Guide to setting up Collaborate sessions in Learn

Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate

Information on Blackboard Collaborate, the University supported virtual classroom/meeting service integrated with Learn, Moodle and MyEd.

Session Preparation & Checklist

Please read the advice and follow the BB Help links to ensure you are familiar with Blackboard Collaborate's functionality and tools before a Collaborate session.

Blackboard Collaborate via Learn and Moodle

Blackboard Collaborate can be used by staff and students for an interactive online seminar or virtual classroom and is integrated with University VLEs (Learn and Moodle).

Blackboard Collaborate via MyEd

Use Blackboard Collaborate to schedule a virtual meeting/classrooms with anyone via MyEd.

Blackboard Collaborate for Students

Information on Blackboard Collaborate specifically for students.

Mobile Access

Information about how to access Blackboard Collaborate via a mobile device.

Troubleshooting Audio and Video

This page offers suggestions if you are having issues with the audio or video in a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Best Practice for PowerPoint Files in Blackboard Collaborate

Best Practice advice for when creating PowerPoint slides to use within Blackboard Collaborate.

Frequently asked Questions

Answers to Frequently asked Questions received about Collaborate Ultra

Help and Support

Help and Support for Blackboard Collaborate. There is information on training sessions and sign up for Collaborate alerts mailing list.

Recording and Storage Management

Information on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session recordings, exporting recordings, and the storage policy.

Known Issues

A list of known issues affecting the Collaborate service, what workarounds are available and how we are working to resolve them.

Collaborate-alerts mailing list

If you use Blackboard Collaborate, we recommend that you join our low volume mailing list for alerts and news about the Blackboard Collaborate service.

Instructions on Subscribing to a Mailing List

Collaborate-alerts mailing list

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